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The Mind-Out

That sound of these rain drops creating a magic when splashing the water down. The grass is some more green when the magical play begins. A fragrance in the air when the thirsty dried dust finally meets and mixes in with watery cold rain and this is how pious lovers complete each other. And those beautiful feet splashing together with raining drops in the water and mixing the sound of their anklets all together and creating a magical world of music from divine nature. Those splashing soles make the grass fall in love with their softness and being lost in the sound of the dancing love on the tunes of nature. That welcoming breeze trying to uncover her smiling face with wet long fringes of her hairs kissing her lips. She dances with her open arms. Her head up feeling the drops of rain, like there no observer exist, like no one to stop her, like the only tale ever written and like if now the heaven exist.

The above world comes to life every moment when I close my eyes to feel the peace and …

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