Invention of The Religion

WELCOME in The Beginning of Human Civilization

 This is the very beginning of human civilization people are living in small, hunter-gatherer groups of about two hundred people or so. Because they hadn't yet discovered the benefit of agriculture, finding sources of food consumed all of their time. They have to continuously be on the move, chasing migrating animals, staying ahead of changing weather patterns and staying out of the way of predators, so their numbers are relatively small.

In each group here are a few "alpha men." These are the strongest, the best hunters, and the best fighters. These few men receive an overly large percentage of the resources, and father most of the children. As they will grow older, they’ll naturally be replaced by younger males. This type of behavior can be seen even after 21st century, in tribes such as the Yanomamo in the Rainforests of Brazil.

T  I  M  E     O  V  E  R  !


Many geneticists believe that a large proportion of humans today are descended from only a small percentage of our ancestors, which supports this widely held belief.
So what happened when agriculture was invented?

Any Guess???

OK Here It Is… 

Man could afford to stay in one place, as food became a dependable and renewable resource. Societies naturally grew larger and larger, as crops became larger and larger. This presented a problem. The old social model didn't seem to work anymore, simply because there were too many "alpha" men fighting over resources. This caused a lot of problems in this new type of larger society.

Damm Yeahhh!!!

So what was the solution?




The Religion

Yes, a Religion was a relatively new set of beliefs, that most anthropologists believe came into being right around the same time as large societies. Religion teaches rules that make a large society more stable. No stealing, only one woman per man, no lying. Don't covet your neighbor's wife. And religion also came up with an ingenious way of enforcing these rules on the general population: There is an all knowing, all seeing God that will bring punishment on you if you violate these rules.
Oh Yeah! And this is how we’ve found THE RELIGION.

May be not as smart like now but more like a root of the world’s religions we have these days.
The more we developed intelligence the more thought process toward religions parallel to our evolution.

A set of rules – The Religion was purely a human invention concentrating purely on the fear of a supreme power over every human and nature around us so that we could start being right instead of killing others for food as all nature free things should be equally divided without bloodshed.
It is a perfectly designed system that allowed these large, primitive societies to grow into the great civilizations of our common human past. None of the magnificent accomplishments would have been possible had it not been for the creation of religion. What is even more impressive is that this new system of rules likely arose organically, on its own, without any overt social engineering, as people are sometimes led to believe. It's as if the collective mind of mankind has a self-generating idea resource to keep it growing, prospering and improving.

Soon religions start taking more structured and a strict picture with continuous evolutions and complications. Later with more religions we had more religious leaders started ruling over and over again with a thought to prove their owned religion better than the other religions hence the older religions people were considered poor backward and away from the real truth of the better religion. They were offered a brand new package of full proof religion with precise success of the mankind so the religion became like a machine developed with new enhanced technology.

Surprisingly we could not end up with a billion religions because of our development of intelligence which lead us to the fight. A fight of a better religion amongst us changed our habit of inventing the new religion to protecting our owned religion while saving our own life strongly linked to our religion we were born with.