Humans We Don't Know

We Don’t Know

 If we look at the complete picture we will notice that we humans work as one unit like a body although we all are separated and scattered across the globe living and fairly busy in dealing with our own.
We don’t even realize it but the fact is that we all are always heading toward one direction even though we don’t even know about the workings of other individuals.

Just Think About It…

Why are we too curious about universe and searching for a life like us?
Aren’t human being as a whole unknowingly trying to find our actual former ancestors deep somewhere in the universe? But we don’t realize it?

Why are we carelessly polluting our own planet at the cost of our development?
Doesn’t it meant that our former planet our home somewhere deep in the universe was most probably a most habitable planet with no pollution environment structure. But we can’t assess or understand this habit ACTUALLY?

Crazy Idea….


May be Not…

Doesn’t it clearly depict that we belong to somewhere deep in this unknown universe supposedly beyond human reach as of now.
It is very much likely that our former mother planet was capable of absorbing the limitless emission of deadly pollutants as on earth which gave birth to a species with a habit of just concentrating on our own development without worrying about pollutants.
And most probably we were willingly sent or came here on earth as our new home for survival but we keep trying to connect with our real ancestors for our main origin, our real planet.
We also can’t deny the possibility that we were saved by some super intelligent beings from our dying home planet and were scattered across the universe and so we are here on Earth finally and carried evolution.

No Alien Talk

This is just one of the main functions of nature.

Wherever we transport or place a life from different place, it develops, spreads and come to the final stage of evolution and starts the journey. Any intelligent life has the capability to work as a single unit even though if there are a billion or trillions of intelligent individuals simply living in their own unaware of others.

The concept is fairly simple.

A seed of a beautiful, unique and fragile human civilization was probably brought here on earth and if the real home planet of human species is finally destroyed in the very deepest past then it will forever remain a mystery.